Deposits (External)
1. Log in to your InPoker account and click the Cashier button.
2. In the Cashier popup menu, click Deposit.
3. Choose the deposit amount (minimum deposit is $10) and Cryptocurrencies payment method. Click "BUSD Token (BSC Chain) (BUSD.BEP20)" button and click "Continue".
4. You will be redirected to the next screen with instructions. To proceed with the deposit, review the information and copy the Address.
IMPORTANT! You need to ensure that you copy the whole address correctly. Incorrect address will result in a loss of deposit amount. You also need to make sure that you remember or take note of the EXACT required amount. You will need to provide this amount in MetaMask.
5. Open your MetaMask wallet and click "Send". In the Send to field, paste the address that you copied from the transaction page.
6. After pasting the address, choose BUSD asset and enter the EXACT amount that was shown on the transaction page. Double-check all the information and click "Next".
IMPORTANT! Please make sure that the Address and the Amount are EXACTLY the same as shown on the transaction page in Step 4. If you don't send enough, you will be able send the remainder and it will be combined for you, however it might complicate the process.
7. Review the MetaMask transaction details and click "Confirm".
8. The confirmation process usually takes 3-15 minutes but varies based on the coin's target block time and number of block confirms required. Once the payment is confirmed several times in the block chain, the payment will be completed and you will be notified.
You can review the status of your transaction via the link in the second paragraph on the transaction page (you can access it by clicking "What to do next? +" tab). The status page is available for the next 30 days.
9. To be notified as quickly as possible, leave the transaction and the transaction status pages open. Once the payment if confirmed, the pages will automatically update and show the status as Complete.
10. Click the "Continue to seller's store" button on the page or manually return to InPoker Wallet. The status will be marked as Complete and you can proceed to use the funds on the platform.
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